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David Bui

Schmicko Automotive Tech Expert | Business Automation & Growth

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Schmicko is a company that has made a name for itself in the automotive business industry across Australia particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, thanks to the founder David Bui, with his wealth of knowledge and expertise. David who is behind this successful venture is a seasoned professional who has spent years in the industry, learning the ins and outs of the automotive success and excellence. With an in-depth understanding of the market and a passion for delivering quality services, David has built himself a reputation as visionary leader who has brought this venture to life.

If David is not working, you would most certainly find him snooping through Reddit, Twitter and Youtube to boost his knowledge on the latest trends where he can. As a strong advocate for work-life balance, David is actively engaged physically and mentally through routine participation across basketball competitions and sweating it out at the gym. With a relentless hunger to succeed, David is on a mission to developing Schmicko into that household brand when it comes to clever and convenient car care without any compromises.



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""Schmicko without the adoption of technology is like a car without a well-constructed engine, it may have the desire to accelerate to great speeds but without the right build, it will forever remain hindered."
- David B. -


As a professional in the both the business and car care industry, David has experienced the honour of being exposed to the ever-changing world of cars, technology and business operations. From performing car detailing services to attending industry conferences and networking with key persons of influence, his experience has been both insightful and enjoyable. 

David’s passion for cars and relentless hunger to deliver Australia’s best car care service has built a wide and large network of supporters that entrust their cars with Schmicko. Always staying ahead of the curve and researching emerging trends, has been the recipe for success for this company. Through David’s knowledge and commitment, he strives to engage and educate readers, shedding light on the fascinating world of cars and the impact they have on our lives. He is a firm believer that car care should not be such a headache to organise, let alone nontransparent. A few of David’s work have been published across many renowned media outlets and publications including ‘The Fixer – Daily Telegraph’, Flying Solo Business Community – Soloist Spotlight, BookingKoala, Weekendnotes and much more.


David initially attended to the University of Sydney (USYD) before progressing forward over to the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) to complete his double Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Science. David was also the first to graduate from the capstone project when it was first introduce at UTS. Prior to his tertiary education, David also completed a TAFE NSW Automotive Short Course, back in 2005. 

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