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Always A Smooth Sailing With Schmicko Boat Detailing

Struggling to keep your boat looking as a new as the day you bought it? We do not blame you, after all, it spends most of its days out in the open, out in the harsh seas, under the scorching sun and so on. Boat detailing has become a popular activity for many Sydney boat owners, especially those who live in areas that experience a lot of sunlight and water, but we know very well how hard it is to keep your boat looking Schmick all year round and really, it is never too late to give it the TLC it truly deserves. Always keep in mind that, if you are not well-versed or equipped in boat care, then it is always recommended to use a professional like Schmicko, who can achieve excellent results in the safest way possible. Our Detailers have been detailing for many years to perfect the craft to where is today – we are the golden standard.

Welcome Schmicko: The Marine Care Specialists

The clever way to having your boat detailed and washed professionally by experts. We take care of your prized boat while you attend to the more important things. Time to protect your boat from Sun damage, salt water corrosion, bugs, bird droppings etc and spruce up the finish of the gel coat so that it shines like new again. Schmicko come to you fully equipped to bring the gloss and shine back to your marine vessel. Simply get your obligation-free quote online or give us a call today with the best mobile  boat detailing Sydney has to offer.

How To Arrange Your Boat Detail

Step 2
Step 3
Select Your Date

Select Your Date

Choose your boat detailing package and inform our team of a date that suits your schedule – it is that easy. Choose between Interior, Exterior and Gel Coat Protection packages.

We Come & Detail

We Come & Detail

Our boat detailing technician will arrive equipped and prepared to restore your boat to looking great again. You are in for a real treat, moments away from a premium service.

Reveal That Showroom Finish

Reveal That Showroom Finish

Experience that fresh and luxurious feel all year round after our marine care treatment. The TLC your boat truly deserves and needs – the Schmicko treatment.

Discover The Ultimate Marine Care Experience

Discover The Ultimate Marine Care Experience

Our team of the best car detailing technicians and mobile boat detailing Sydney professionals are on a mission to deliver Sydney the ultimate mobile boat cleaning experience ever. With our strong dedicated workmanship and passionate team, we are 100% committed to providing our Sydney customers stunning results from booking to finish.

Boat Detailing Sydney Services

Reveal That Glossy Finish

Reveal That Glossy Finish

The exterior of your boat is exposed to heavy climatic conditions and salt content, all of which can a heavy toll on the boat exterior. With a proper machine buffing technique, we are able to restore the gloss and shine back.

We find it so common to find boats in poor shape due to neglect, particularly when it has become exposed to a lot of Sun, droppings and salt damage. What we often see is the gel coat crack over time or faded to a dull oxidised unpleasant finish.

If you are not regularly committing to washing your boat frequently, we can not urge enough the importance of having a proper boat detail. This will help reduce the likelihood of costly damages in the long run, one of the best decisions any boat owner could make.


Interior Boat Cleaning

Interior Boat Cleaning

Our marine boat detailers treat your interior with marine friendly cleaning shampoos and conditioners to ensure fantastic results. Cleaning all areas from your dining to kitchen to bathroom amenities that may have been collecting germs and stains over time. Ensuring that your surfaces are not only clean, but safe for having food presented in these areas.

Vinyl seats and other padded areas can over time develop serious cases of mould and mildew contamination when left unattended. Not only is this a health hazard, it is an absolute eye sore. Your deck is often area that is exposed to excessive dirt and grime, with out deck scrub and clean, we should have no issues achieving that squeaky clean finish.

Gel Coat Marine Nanotechnology

Gel Coat Marine Nanotechnology

The best investment for your boat is ceramic coating/marine graphine paint protection. Utilising advanced nanoceramic technology to add a highly durable coating for superior chemical, scratch and climatic resistance. Considering the vast exposure to harmful UV rays, bird droppings, dust, salt, dirt, bug guts and so on, it is highly recommended to have your boat protected with a ceramic coating to ensure that these contaminants do not accumulate and become potential permanent damage.

If you are serious about keeping your boat in top shape all year round and love a glossy gel-coat finish, then you must ask us about our ceramic coating packages today.

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Do You Perform Gel Coat Restoration?

Yes, as a part of our boat detailing Sydney packages, we can include a Gel Coat Restoration for an additional cost that will depend on the condition and size of your  boat. Gel Coat Restoration must not be confused with a cut and polish because the requirement for restoration are much higher in terms of time, product and overall work. This service is ideal for boats exposed to heavy oxidation and fading. We also always recommend, adding a marine ceramic coating if you are serious about keeping your gel coat in the best possible condition all year round. Nothing comes close to a ceramic coating, nothing a marine wax can achieve.

Do You Offer Regular Boat Cleaning Plans?

Yes, we offer regular boat wash and cleaning programs with many of our clients. The most popular option is our monthly wash. We understand that keeping your boat in top-notch condition can be a pain,  especially when they are bearing the grunt of the scorching Sun and environment.

Save your weekend and save your time for the important things in life while we handle your boat care needs.

What Are Your Boat Detailing Sydney Prices?

Simply put, it depends. It depends on what you need completed eg interior, exterior, gel coat restoration and so on. All of which influences the amount of resources, hours and costs involved. Most importantly, we need to know the current condition of the boat to calculate a quote as accurate as possible, this is where images can come real handy. What may take a day for one boat, may take numerous days to achieve for another boat in a state that is worse.

Where Do You Service?

Our boat detailing service covers all of Sydney along with its surrounding suburbs. If you are uncertain as to whether we service your area, simply just complete our quote form with the details and we can get back to you right away.

Do You Come To Us?

Yes, we most certainly do. Our Boat Detailing Sydney Technicians will arrive fully equipped to service your boat to achieving that new feeling again. We just require your boat to be parked out of the water along with access to a tap and power point. Please also ensure that there is plenty of space for us to work around it. Ideally in a shaded or sheltered area, but not mandatory.

Schmicko Marine Care - Boat Detailing Sydney

Some of the excellent work from our team of passionate mobile boat detailing professionals across Sydney. As you can see, there are tremendous transformations and the reaction we receive from our customers is absolutely priceless. No job too large or small, we will do our best to do give you our best each time. If you are sick of seeing your boat looking like a washed-up wreck, then give Schmicko Boat Detailing Sydney a call today, we’d love to help you get you back on the sea, looking your absolute best in no time.
Some of our boat cleaning services include, but not limited to:
vaccum – leather and vinyl treatment & clean – upholstery – bathroom amenities sanitised and cleaned – seating and dining area wipe down sanitation – boat wash – boat detailing – pre-sale boat detailing – general boat refurbishment – plastics clean – stainless steel polishing and rush treatment – high pressure jet rinse – engine room degreased and rinsed – deep shampoo & extraction – gel coat multi-stage correction and oxidation treatment – minor scratch treatment – cut, buff & polish – gel coat ceramic coating –

Boat Wash BeforeBoat Wash After
boat deck beforeboat deck after
Exterior Boatmobile boat detailing
Boat Cleaning Sydneyboat detailing sydney interior
boat cleaningboat cleaning
gel coat restorationBoat Ceramic Coating

Detailing your boat ensures that you are able to treat any minor blemishes on the surface on interior promptly, before it accumulates and develops into a permanent concern down the line. Although contaminants such as the sun or bird droppings may seem harmless, they are in fact one of the largest culprits for damaged gel coat. Barnacle removal and anti-fouling can prove to be such a difficult task to manage and we always recommend using professionals for such services. As Schmicko is highly experienced in the field of boat cleaning and marine maintenance, we are well equipped to tackle these problems and the onset of its existence. As with any prized possession, due care and proper maintenance is crucial to its longevity and durability.

Please do have a look at our boat detailing Sydney packages to see which one is well suited to your circumstances. If you are unsure, complete our quoting form online and we will get in touch with you promptly with our feedback. We just ask that you cooperate with our team in providing essential information such as where the boat is currently parked and whether there would be access to power onsite so that we can perform our boat cleaning without any compromises. Quality always comes first and we will not accept any bookings if without the necessary essentials, we appreciate your understanding.

Boats are typically constructed of fiberglass or can be aluminium, which means they will need some special care when they are washed and detailed. If you do not know how to wash your boat correctly with the right tools, detergents and techniques, then there is large risk that you will ruin it. We recommend using proper shampoos with marine-focused use for this type of cleaning because it will not leave any residue or streaks on the surface of your boat. We always use a soft cloth or sponge when we are cleaning the boat exterior and along with an essential combination of cutting compounds and polishing agents for the best finish achievable. If you have any unique requests concerning the existing state of the boat or would like something in particular, you are welcome to request on our quoting form so that we can consider it in our draft. Our boat technicians are well experienced to tackle scenarios that may be above and beyond your typical boat detailing Sydney maintenance program.

Do you have experience in Boat Detailing and looking for extra work? Let's talk!

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