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About Schmicko Image

Keeping Your Car Schmick Can Be A Pain

You do not have to have kids or drive with pets to realise how easy it is for your car to go from a showroom finish to a pig sty. Most often, time is the biggest problem of all, there are only so many things you can fit in each day and week. For this reason, many car owners in Leichhardt fall victim to neglecting their car.

Is there any solution to make this easier?

Leichhardt Meet Schmicko, The Answer To Your Car Care Struggles

The local heroes when it comes to keeping your car looking as stunning as the first time it rolled out of the showroom.

You can be on your way to reliving that new car excitement in just a matter of seconds, simply book online to discover an amazing car wash experience like no other – the Car Detailing Leichhardt has been waiting for and needs.

How Schmicko Works

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Book Now Online

Book Now Online

Our booking system is 100% seamless, giving you that unique experience you’ve never seen anywhere else! Super simple.

We Wash & Detail

We Wash & Detail

Our car detailing Leichhardt expert will arrive and greet you with a smile, ready to transform your car back to a stunning finish.

Relive that New Car Euphoria

Relive that New Car Euphoria

Relax and enjoy the new look of your car, drive and feel like a million dollars.

100% Ready To Deliver You That Shine

100% Ready To Deliver You That Shine

At Schmicko, we are 100% ready to buff your car back to looking fresh again. We know underneath all that dust and dirt is one shiny car ready to be revealed. Let the car detailing Leichhardt Schmicko team care of your car back to its glory days.

Why Leichhardt Just Loves Schmicko?

Instant Bookings

Instant Bookings

Our online, cashless payment and booking system gives you a seamless experience like no other. Schedule your next car care service in just seconds!

Save Time

Save Time

Goodbye busy car wash café, hello extra ‘me’ time. Our mobile car detailing professionals do all the dirty work while you do… whatever you want.

100% Dedicated

100% Dedicated

Our mission is simple: to provide each and every customer with an amazing car detail. We are dedicated to delivering you that perfect shine.

Trusted Hand Car Wash Professionals

Trusted Hand Car Wash Professionals

Schmicko lets customers rate and review each experience, allowing us to ensure our car wash technicians are the best they can be.

Trained and Skilled

Trained and Skilled

Each car detailing professional must go through a rigorous screening process before they join. This ensures only the best are hired and that all our technicians are equipped with the tools and knowledge to deliver a flawless car wash.



All our mobile car detailing technicians are protected with $10,000,000 cover, so you can have a little extra peace of mind.

Book Online In Just 60 Secondse

Book Online In Just 60 Seconds

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Our Happy Client

  • LBA Finalist 2020-2023

    LBA Finalist 2020-2023

    For 4 years straight, Schmicko has been nominated as Finalists for the competitive and prestigious LBA Awards, …

    For 4 years straight, Schmicko has been nominated as Finalists for the competitive and prestigious LBA Awards, which recognises outstanding businesses who have shown fantastic success over the year.

Our Happy Client

Car Transformations Achieved

Car Detailing Leichhardt: Schmicko

Across the Inner West not too far from the Sydney CBD, you can find a little haven called Leichhardt. Complete with an abundance of terraces and boutique homes, it really does take you back in history. Just a short stroll into the streets and you will find nothing short of amazing coffee for that morning pick me up. For the foodies out there, there are amazing restaurants and even a cinema, however, also note that the city is just a short drive away too – just 15 minutes away via the Anzac Bridge.

Such a splendid suburb to live in, Leichhardt does have its fair share of traffic noise, whether it would be road traffic or planes passing by from the nearby Sydney Airport. With limited parking due to the design of homes, you can often find yourself having to park your car out on the streets. This in itself can be problematic for many car owners as it just exposes it to all 4 seasons of the year along with traffic film, tree sap, bird droppings, you name it. Across the years, the air quality has grown to become a considerable issue and not only is that unsafe for inhalation, but also gives a good indication of what you are exposing your car too.

We could understand why we are a favourite amongst many Leichhardt locals. It’s because of the quality and convenience that we bring each time. With such a family-centric vibe and sense of community, Schmicko has been heavily relied upon to take care of the car care needs, whether it would be mobile car detailing Leichardt services to professional dash cam installations. After all, here are some of the benefits of detailing your regularly.

  1. Drive Safe in a Safe and Hygienic Environment.


Closed areas (like the car interior) are prone to the accumulation of dangerous microbes such as viruses and bacteria, and your car is not an exception. Examples of these accumulations would include storing things like shopping bags, food and beverages,  sporting apparatus, and fitness gear inside the car. Moreover, the most common areas where these microbes can be found are on your steering wheels and seats where drivers spend all of their time.


Thankfully, regular car detailing can help minimise the buildup of bacteria, and is particularly beneficial to those regularly driving passengers. Thorough car cleaning on a regular basis stops the buildup of microbes and eliminates any potential buildup of pathogens lurking in and even between the car’s crevices; no one enjoys missing times due to sickness.


2. Protects Your Car Investment


Car ownership is a privilege. Regular car detailing safeguards your investment by giving it the care it needs. By slowing down the surface’s wear and tear, detailing helps the car maintain its best appearance.


Car care maintains the paint in its best condition and even makes washing seamless to perform. Additionally, by adding protection like a wax, sealant or ceramic coating, a thorough exterior car detail can reduce the likelihood of serious blemishes and contamination.


3. Increases Your Car’s Market Value


A well-maintained car through regular auto detailing would have a higher resale value. It will not only give your car a boosted value, but it will also give you and the customer more confidence when it comes to buying/selling. Who could say no to a showroom-finished car?


4. Increases Clear Coat Durability


During routine use, the exterior of a car is exposed to a variety of substances, including sand, gravel, dirt, insects, and other elements found on the road. The paint is also damaged by the sun’s UV radiation. Cleaning your car on a regular basis eliminates helps prevent stains from etching onto your paintwork and therefore improving the durability of your clear coat

If you reside in or nearby Leichhardt and simply need a helping hand to spruce up your car every now and then, well, Schmicko is just a call away. We can handle everything from car detailing to even car roof lining repairs (with a separate team of specialists, of course).. We will arrive fully equipped and determined to deliver you that car wash experience your car deserves.

If you are local Leichhardt resident, then there is no reason not to be able to enjoy what the community has to offer and take your car for a drive. Allow us to brainstorm a few for you:

Norton Street:

Your iconic thoroughfare popular for its diverse dining options, cafes and rich culinary experiences.
Italian Forum

Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre

Get active, get fit and break a sweat at the modern aquatics and fitness facilities.

Leichhardt Oval or Hawthorne Canal Reserve

Scenic reserve with walking paths, parklands, natural surroundings for a tranquil retreat for nature lovers and outdoor events.

Bay Run

Your popular walking and cycling trail that envelopes the Iron Cove. Nothing better than starting your day with a light stroll or jog during the early morning. Of course, always do consider washing the interior of your car often to avoid the build up of sweat into your seats, a common culprit for unwanted smells and germs.


Join us as a Mobile Car Detailing Leichhardt Professional & apply here!

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