Mobile Car Wash

Mobile Car Wash



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Windows & Mirrors
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Jet Pressure Rinse
Wheels Degreased
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Car Care At Your Convenience

Waiting at the local car wash is a nightmare, besides, we are sure that you could come up with 100 ways to better spend those 2 hours. Your free time is for friends, family and feasting, leave the car wash to us. Simply book, we wash and you enjoy.

Fully equipped with the right equipment such as machine buffers/polishers, shop vac/wet vac, pressure washers and car wash chemicals, we are ready to add life back to your car’s paintwork and interior. 

Why A Mobile Car Wash Is Best?

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Our Mobile Car Wash is

  • Convenient – we come to you
  • Easy to book online – just 60 seconds 
  • Professional – we come fully equipped
  • Reliable – our 5 star Google ratings says it all
  • Affordable – check our recurring plans
  • Sydney’s favourite local car-care providers

Recurring Plans – Weekly & Fortnightly

Like many of our customers, we have many who take advantage of our recurring Weekly and Fortnightly car wash plans. Everything is automatic, meaning you don’t have to worry about re-booking, filling out forms, getting quotes and best of all, don’t have to leave your house, office or workplace.

Unlike the typical local car washes, we use premium car care products, both environmentally friendly and effective, in combination with advanced equipment to deliver you with the ultimate car wash experience. You will have your own personal and professional Car Detailer each time to ensure that your pride and joy is kept clean and in safe hands.

Our plans are super attractive for young families who just don’t have the spare time to do it themselves, especially those with little ones and four-legged furry ones. Or on the other hand, we work with a selected range of high-profile corporate clients dealing with keeping their fleet of vehicles cleaned on a regular basis. This is not limited to just the trade industry, such as construction and so on, but also useful for Sales Reps, Territory Managers, Executives and pretty much any worker who requires their vehicle for work. We all know how much first impressions count, especially when meeting a client or performing day to day services with a branded vehicle, let alone an employee in uniform, it’s always so important to always look your best. 

We will always provide you with a paid tax invoice each and every time so that your Accounting and Finance team can easily process these expenses when needed.

If the weather takes a turn and we suspect rain, we will get in touch with you prior to confirm the booking with you and decide whether it would be best to reschedule and if so, when.

If you need to re-schedule, it’s as simple as logging in to your customer account and selecting a new date and time – it’s that easy!

Thinking about upgrading a few extra services here and there, by all means you can do it in your customer portal as well.

All we really need are your keys and the rest is all done and dusted. Let us wash your car while you focus on the finer things in life – car care convenience all starts here with Schmicko

sydney pre sale car detail
sydney pre sale car detail
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Never Wait At A Car Wash Again

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