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Upholstery Shampoo
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upholstery Shampoo

Upholstery Shampoo 
Deep Cleaning of Fabrics and Seats

The car is often an extension of your home and chances are, the interior is not cleaned as often as it should be. Choosing an upholstery shampoo will help to sanitise your fabrics from embedded contaminants and also remove unpleasant smells/odours.

A staggering 38% of motorists in Australia admit to eating in the car whilst driving, an easy culprit for dirtying the car seats.

No matter how thorough of a vacuum you perform, it will not be able to clean your car seats as effectively. A thorough vacuum will be a great way to remove visible contaminants like grass, sand, crumbs and so on. Although if your aim is to work against beverage spills i.e milk, coffee, soft drink and so on, a car seat shampoo will perform more effectively.

Carpet, mats or seats – we can shampoo these areas without a problem. Spot cleaning is effective, but may not remove all stains depending on the source and how long it has been there for.

Tip: For unexpected spills, it is always ideal to remove as much of the liquid as possible before it seeps through the fabrics and tight crevices. Blotting dry with a tissue will not only control the spread, but also reduce the amount of liquid hardening in to a viscous or hard form. Leaving these spills to linger is how you begin to develop unpleasant odours and smells in the car.

Cleaning Process

  1. Thorough vacuum of the upholstery surface to remove visible contaminants

  2. Apply safe shampoo on to your fabric seats

  3. Allow a few minutes for the shampoo to emulsify and lift up embedded dirt particles

  4. Further agitate contaminants in the previous step by using a soft bristle brush

  5. Extract contaminants by shampoo extraction/dry cloth