Why Your Dash Cam Installation Needs To Be Hardwired?

Why Your Dash Cam Installation Needs To Be Hardwired?

Are you considering of hardwiring a dash cam installation for your car? Hardwiring it may be the way to go. In this article, you will explore why hardwiring a dash cam is important and how it can enhance your dash cam’s functionality as opposed to fitting it as a DIY project. After all, when it comes to safety, taking shortcuts should not be an option, especially if it compromises your safety. Not many Australians do realise the risks involved with poor connections and installations, so please allow us to walk you through some of the top reasons why you should reconsider this pathway.

Unlocking The Full Potential Of Your Dash Cam Through Hardwiring

Learn about the advantages of hardwiring a dash cam and why it is vital for your car’s security and surveillance.

Reliability: Hardwiring a dash cam directly to the vehicle’s electrical system ensures a reliable power source, which means the camera will always be on and recording. Ensuring that your dash cam is always up and running to capture the right moments is a must.

Constant power: When a dash cam is hardwired, it is connected directly to the car’s battery, which means it will continue to record even if the car is turned off. This is useful for capturing events even when the vehicle is parked. Not all incidents occur on the road, in fact, it can happen when you are not even inside the car. Car theft or occurrences like hit and runs, commonly occur when you are not in the car or around. An extra set of eyes that will never sleep or rest.

Concealment: Hardwiring a dash cam allows it to be hidden out of sight, which can be beneficial for aesthetic and security reasons. No one likes the look of a wire-jungle attached to your windscreen protruding your vision of sight, this is where a hardwiring installation will come in handy – neat and tidy installs.

No need for charging: Once the dash cam is hardwired into the car’s electrical system, it will always have power. This eliminates the need for charging or replacing batteries. Sick and tired of seeing your dash cam unit run out of batteries, then hardwiring will put your annoyance to rest.

No effect of vibration: Hardwiring eliminates the problem of the camera turning off due to vibration caused while driving as it can often cause a loose connection and ultimately no captured recordings of when you most need them.

Now that you know the importance of hardwiring your dash cam, the next obvious question is – should I DIY it or have it professionally installed? Well, the fast yet most logical answer is, yes. Although we

agree that some car projects can be handled as a weekend DIY task, but when it comes to your safety along with every sitting passenger, do you really want to risk having complications? For such a small investment, it could help you save a great deal of stress and dollars on repair bills. Especially when the dash cam is linked to your fuze box, which also houses the fuze to your air bags, you do not really want to mess this one up.

Reasons Why You Need To Have A Professionally Installed Hardwired Dash Cam

Installing a dash cam in your car can provide added security and peace of mind, but to truly benefit from this investment, it’s essential to have it professionally installed. Below are a few crucial benefits of professional installation.

Very minimal electrical issues: A professional installation will ensure that the dash cam is connected correctly to the car’s electrical system, reducing the likelihood of any electrical problems.

Reap full benefits: With a professional installation, you can enjoy all the features and benefits of your dash cam, such as parking mode, more extended surveillance, and battery preservation.

Parking mode: A professional installation can enable the parking mode feature, which allows the dash cam to continue recording even when the car is turned off. This provides you with added security and surveillance for your vehicle.

Longer surveillance: A professional installation can optimise the dash cam’s settings for more prolonged surveillance, which means you can record for more extended periods.

Battery preservation: A professional installation can ensure that the dash cam is properly configured to preserve the car’s battery power.

Why Your Dash Cam Installation Needs To Be Hardwired? 1

Why Skipping Professional Dash Cam Installation Is A Mistake

If you are thinking about not having the dash cam professionally installed, then you are needlessly exposing yourself to issues and risks such as:* Damage to the fuse box: Attempting to install a dash cam without proper knowledge and experience could damage the car’s fuse box, leading to costly repairs.

Disabled airbags: Incorrectly wiring a dash cam could also potentially disable airbags, which could be dangerous in the event of an accident.

Incorrect wiring: Improperly wiring a dash cam could result in issues with the power supply or data storage, which could result in the camera not functioning correctly.

Lack of expertise issues: Without proper knowledge and expertise, you may be unable to properly configure and optimize the dash cam settings for your specific vehicle.

Limited capabilities: Not having a professional installation may limit the capabilities of your dash cam. You may not have access to some features like parking mode, longer surveillance, and battery preservation.

Legal issues: In some places, an unprofessionally installed dash cam can be illegal. It is crucial to ensure that the dashcam is installed according to local laws and regulations.

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Wrapping It All Up

In conclusion, hardwiring a dash cam is a great way to ensure reliability, constant power, concealment, and negate the effects of car vibration. However, it is highly recommended to have it professionally installed by automotive technicians with expertise of installing these units like Schmicko – Sydney or Melbourne.

A professional installation can minimise electrical issues and allow you to utilise your dash cam’s features and benefits completely.

Skipping professional installation may lead to damages to the fuse box, disabled airbags, incorrect wiring, lack of expertise issues, limited capabilities, and legal issues. Overall, investing in a professional installation is well worth the cost to ensure your dash cam’s best performance and safety.

With over 64% of Australians admitting to being involved in a car accident (by budget direct), now is the best time to have your car fitted with a dash camera. A large culprit for accidents has come down to rear-tail accidents and this comes to no surprise that the front and rear are the 2 common areas dash cams are being fitted. To take advantage of parking-mode enabled functionality, hardwiring a dashcam to your car battery is the clever choice many Australians are making as opposed to connecting to the cigarette lighter. In fact, car theft is still at a high rate considering how advanced thieves are becoming daily.

Schmicko Auto Care is Sydney’s go-to for professional mobile dash cam installations through advanced hardwiring techniques. We are reliable and professional, delivering quality workmanship and friendly customer service. Operating 7 days a week with a huge coverage area across Sydney and surrounding suburbs. With over 500 5-Star Reviews on Google, your car is in safe, reliable and professional hands. As a matter of fact, we have been voted LBA finalists for 4 straight years in a row dating back from 2020.

All you need to do is find a dash camera that suits what you need and want along with the hardwiring kit, then give our team a call. We will arrange one of our technicians to come visit your home, office or workplace to securely fit your dash cam installation, across many brands like BlackVue, Thinkware, Viofo and so on.Our technicians come fully equipped with the tools to fit it in a prime location in your car.

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