Car Care After An Exterior Wash and Wax

Car Care After An Exterior Wash and Wax

Car detailing transcends the realm of a simple wash and wax: it’s a commitment to preserving your car’s paintwork in its pristine state. Regular maintenance is crucial in keeping your car’s exterior shiny and dazzling after the detailing process. As car detailing experts, we will provide you with a road map to maintaining your car’s flawless finish, ensuring it mirrors its showroom glory for an extended period. So, let’s explore the world of post-detailing maintenance and help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape!

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your car’s exterior after a wash and wax is not just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic move to uphold its value and integrity. Regular maintenance acts as a shield, protecting the paintwork from environmental aggressors like dirt, grime, harmful ultraviolet rays, bird droppings, and acid rain, all of which can slowly erode the wax coat and eventually the paint itself. Consistency is always key in order to get the most out of your car care regime; never allow for contamination or wear and tear to accumulate; early intervention is always crucial.


Neglecting regular maintenance can allow dirt and contaminants to accumulate, leading to a dull, faded, or even chipped paint job. The worst part of it all, is when it leads to permanent damage. You will be surprised how many times our car detailers encounter vehicles with etched in bird poo or tree sapping that have become permanent stains. They end up requiring more work and more work means more time and costs. Something so simple that could have easily been prevented with a routine wash. This not only undoes the effects of the initial detailing but can also result in micro-scratches and swirl marks when dry-wiped.

Maintenance Schedule and Techniques

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Every car has its own unique characteristics and reacts differently to various environmental conditions. Therefore, it’s crucial to establish a maintenance routine that caters to your car’s specific needs, taking into account factors such as the type of vehicle, its usage, local weather conditions, and where it’s typically parked.

As car care professionals, we know that certain car makes have what we classify as hard or soft paint and this can often dictate how we clean the car, as not all paint react the same way to products and contamination.


Generally, a light wash and wax on a weekly basis is recommended, while a more comprehensive detail should be done every two to four weeks. To ensure your car’s protective layer remains intact, consider applying a fresh layer of wax or sealant every two to four months. Always consider reading the product label for optimal usage as not all waxes and sealants are the same in application and durability.

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Let’s delve into some effective car care techniques for after your exterior wash and wax:


a.) Dry Wash: Dry washing is a method that cleans your car without using water. It requires a good detailer spray and a microfiber towel. It’s an excellent way to remove light dust and grime between thorough washes without causing any damage to the wax or sealant layer. We recommend that this only be done if your car is in a very good state. Dry-wiping can cause marring or swirls if not done correctly. For safe measures, we suggest your regular wash and wax with water rather than dry-wiping.


b.) Clay Bar: A clay bar is an effective tool for removing stubborn contaminants that aren’t eliminated during your typical car wash and wax. Always use it with a detailing spray or even diluted car wash shampoo for lubrication. Ensure that there is enough lubrication to avoid the production of heavy marring when there is too much friction. Simply flip to a new side accordingly depending on the amount of contamination collected on the clay bar.


c.) Sealing/Waxing: Regularly applying a fresh coat of wax or sealant is an integral part of your maintenance routine. It helps to maintain the paint’s gloss and protects it from environmental damage.


Always remember to use soft, fine-fibered materials like microfiber towels to preserve your car’s finish. By incorporating these techniques into your maintenance routine, you can significantly extend the lifespan and shine of your vehicle’s finish.

Detailing Products for Maintenance

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Choosing the right products is a critical aspect of exterior car maintenance. Here are some essential items you’ll need for effective upkeep:

a.) Car Wash Shampoo: A well-balanced car shampoo is gentle on your car’s surface while effectively removing dirt and grime. It won’t compromise the wax layer or strip the car’s protective coating. You can use a heavy-duty car wash shampoo to help strip previous waxes or sealants to start on a fresh canvas or use a pH-neutral shampoo which is very paint-friendly.


b.) Detailer Spray: Ideal for quick touch-ups and light cleaning, detailer sprays can also be used as a lubricant when using a clay bar. They help to remove light dirt and dust, enhance your car’s shine, and offer basic UV protection. Not a must-have item, but still worthy to keep in your bucket of car care goods.


c.) Clay Bars: These are crucial for removing stubborn contaminants embedded in the paint surface. Always use clay bars with a lubricant, such as a detailing spray.


d.) Car Wax/Sealant: These products are vital for maintaining your car’s protective layer. Carnauba wax is often preferred for its shine and ease of application, while synthetic sealants offer longer-lasting protection.


e.) Microfiber Towels: When it comes to drying, buffing, or applying detailer spray, microfiber towels are the best choice. They won’t scratch the paint or leave lint behind.


e.) Quality Wash Mitts: Good quality wash mitts ensure safe, swirl-free washing. Choose deep-pile microfiber mitts that can trap dirt particles away from the car’s surface.


Keep in mind that the effectiveness of each product can vary depending on the car surface, environmental conditions, and application technique. Back in the old days, the sponge was an effective cleaning tool, but has now become obsolete with the use of paint-friendly microfiber wash mitts.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even with the best intentions and efforts, you may encounter some typical problems while caring for your car after the wash and wax. Here’s how to tackle them:

a.) Water Spots: These unsightly marks occur when water dries on your car’s surface, leaving behind mineral deposits. To avoid this, dry your vehicle promptly after washing, using a microfiber towel. These are more prone to happen during warmer temperatures as water spots will evaporate faster, leaving dust spots behind. Also note that, water spots can become very stubborn over time if left unattended and etch deep into the windows and paintwork, early treatment is a must.

b.) Swirl Marks/Scratches: These are fine scratches on your car’s paint, often caused by incorrect washing and drying methods. To prevent them, employ safe washing techniques using only microfiber cloths and wash mitts on the paint. For existing swirl marks, a high-grade swirl remover or polishing compound can help minimise their appearance. If paint correction is performed, do consider applying the wash and wax after to seal in the finish and protect it until the next routine car wash.

c.) Dull Finish: If your car’s finish looks dull despite regular waxing, it could be due to oxidation or insufficient surface preparation before waxing. An oxidation remover or mild polish can restore the paintwork’s shine. Always remember to clean and clay your car before applying wax. The wax is just the last process to seal in the finish and contains no corrective properties.

If you’re dealing with persistent issues or aiming for a perfect finish, don’t hesitate to consult a professional. Preventive care is more cost-effective and less hassle than corrective measures, so stick to a regular maintenance schedule and use proven techniques.

Preserving Your Car's Value

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Maintaining your vehicle’s value involves more than just mechanical upkeep; cosmetic preservation is equally important. Here are some ways to ensure your car retains its worth:

a.) Regular Cleaning: A clean car not only looks great but also prevents the build-up of harmful substances like dirt, bird droppings, and acid rain that can damage the car’s finish. Stick to a routine cleaning schedule for the best results.

b.) Repairing Damage Promptly: Don’t delay in addressing any damage, whether it’s a chip in the paintwork or a small dent. Quick action can prevent further deterioration. Professional repair services can ensure the damage is fixed seamlessly.

c.) Protection: Car wax or sealant provides a protective barrier against environmental elements, helping to preserve the car’s original paint. Regular applications, as discussed previously, are essential. If your car is often parked outside, consider investing in a car cover for added protection or ceramic paint protection.

d.) Mindful Use: Avoiding harsh driving conditions and taking preventive measures like parking in the shade can significantly contribute to preserving your car’s appearance.

Professional Services for Maintenance

In addition to your regular at-home maintenance, enlisting the help of professional detailing services can add an extra level of protection and perfection to your car’s exterior. Nevertheless, if you are a car lover, or weekend warrior, you are welcome to clean your car in and between, but should consider professional car detailing a few times of the year to bring the car back up to speed. The advantages of these services are manifold:


a.) Expertise: Professional detailers bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. They understand the nuances of various car finishes and know which products and equipment are best suited for each. They also have the skills to tackle any specific issues your car might be facing.


b.) Comprehensive Cleaning: Professional detailing often includes deep-cleaning procedures that may not be part of your regular at-home routine. These can range from engine bay cleaning and headlight restoration to tar and bug removal, clay bar treatment, and the application of high-quality protective finishes.


c.) Durable Results: The use of professional-grade products typically results in a cleaner, glossier car for a longer period. This can help decrease the frequency of your maintenance tasks.


d.) Time Efficiency: Detailing a car can be a time-intensive process. By opting for professional detailing, you can free up your time for other important tasks.


e.) Interior Detailing: Many professional services also offer comprehensive interior detailing. This includes care for upholstery, carpets, and hard surfaces, providing a holistic approach to car maintenance that does not just deal with the exterior.

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