How To Choose The Right Roof Box For Your Car

How To Choose The Right Roof Box For Your Car

Whether your boot space is small or large, there are times when you need a dose of extra storage space. . No matter where you travelling to and from, snowfields, beaches, moving houses, you name it, we could all do with a little extra space. The solution is car roof boxes, which allow you to travel with all your belongings safely. If you have considered buying one for your vehicle, you should take into account a series of premises, since you will find many different models on the market.

Do you want to gain extra storage space? You are not alone and so pay attention to our guide for the perfect storage box for your car ready for the next road adventure down the track.

What you need to consider when buying a roof box


Depending on the dimensions, these roof boxes can increase the capacity of your boot up to an additional 200 liters.

When choosing a box for the car roof, it must adapt to the dimensions of the vehicle, both its shape and its size for an ideal fit. The first thing to take into account is that it fits your vehicle model because if it does not fit correctly there is a greater risk of causing an accident – we have all seen online and tv of freak accidents with car loads flying across the motorway. And based on our expertise and recent research, incompatible fits can cause an increase in fuel consumption and further inefficiencies.

Once you know the measurements of your car, you should think about the shape of the roof to choose the one that best suits the physiognomy of your vehicle. So in the market, you can find the following forms:

a) short chests

b) mixed chests

c) long chests

The choice of one or the other will also depend on the type of objects you want to transport and their dimensions. It is not the same to choose a box to transport clothes as one to carry sports equipment or the baby’s extra gadgets. Definitely do consider suitability, a roof box is a fantastic way to store snow gear which can make better use of the space inside your car for food, eskies, clothing and so on.


car roof box car

Getting the hood to fit perfectly with the vehicle will have a lot to do with its aerodynamics. If this matches that of your car, you will be able to drive in a safer, more aesthetic way and above all with lower fuel consumption.

The aerodynamics of the hood guarantees the least possible wind resistance, in addition to achieving a balance of the vehicle due to the changes in its center of gravity when carrying more weight.


Depending on your needs, you can purchase different roof boxes. You must be careful when choosing it since one with too much capacity for a small car can cause damage to the bodywork, especially if very heavy objects are transported.

When placing it in the car, think about the fact that the luggage must always be well secured and distributed so that the heaviest objects are placed in the center. On the other hand, the chest should not be forced to introduce luggage since you could cause an accident if it opens.

To always hit the capacity of the hood, you must look at the maximum authorized mass of your vehicle and not exceed it to drive safely.

car roof


As for the opening, you can find chests with lateral, bilateral, or rear openings. The most comfortable are the bilateral ones since they allow access to all luggage from both sides of the vehicle. Although they may not be very useful depending on the type of merchandise you are transporting.


You must bear in mind that whatever model you choose, your car must be equipped with roof rack bars so that the hood can be attached to them. You have to place the chest completely longitudinal to the march. Check if it is straight or not by moving 4 or 6 meters away to get a better perspective. In the market, you will find easy-to-install chests so that you can install them by yourself without the need for help.


Recommendations for Car Roof Boxes

Currently, you will find many models, made with different materials and with different functionalities. We show you some recommendations on the hoods with the best features that exist at the moment according to a study carried out by the ADAC.

Thule Motion XT L

This hood obtains, according to its evaluators, a final grade of 8.5 points out of 10 since it has a very good response on the road, avoiding vibrations and aerodynamic noises. In this way, the driver can travel in a much more comfortable way in his vehicle. The main drawback of this model is its price,  as it does come at a hefty price at around $2099.

Kamei Oyster 450

It has a score of 8.2 out of 10 and its main drawback is its limited distribution, it does not deliver to all countries across the globe, you may need to double check if Australia is still considered deliverable. However, if you like this model you can buy it through Amazon. Among its benefits, its results in terms of safety stand out since it is one of the most resistant and safe against an impact in the event of an accident.

Rhino Rack -Black Masterfit 410L

The Rhino Rack Roof Box 410L Black Masterfit is a top-tier roof box designed for both road trips and off-road adventures. Made from robust and durable materials, it can carry a substantial load of up to 75kg/165lb. The box features a unique MasterFit Technology enabling quick and safe fitting with a Twist to Tighten & Press to Lock clamping system. It’s aerodynamically designed to reduce wind drag and comes with two load securing straps. The roof box has a 410L capacity, making it spacious enough to carry most outdoor equipment. It fits directly onto Rhino-Rack Vortex and Euro systems, and for Heavy Duty bars, it requires the RUBK-MF fitting kit. The product is proudly Australian, designed to cater to the country’s outdoor exploration needs. Best of all, it comes at a much affordable price tag for around $1000, which is excellent value for the features it delivers.

Once the car roof box has been chosen and placed, you can start your journey, but remember that you have added an extra load to the vehicle, so you must modify your driving to avoid damaging your car and to drive safely.

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