The Dirtiest Areas Of Your Car

The Dirtiest Areas Of Your Car

If you are of the 38% of motorists that eat while driving, you’d might want to think twice and maybe three times before swinging by the drive-thru for a quick snack.

Research has found that the steering wheel of your car may be infested with 700 harmful bacteria per inch, which is shockingly 9 times more than a public toilet seat.

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For many Sydney drivers, your car is an extension of your home and chances are, you’re not cleaning the car as much as you should be. In fact, only a third clean the inside of their car just once an entire year!

Besides your typical filth such as bread/biscuit crumbs, pet hair and nail clippings, your car is a perfect breeding ground for germs and microorganisms. Norovirus, E.Coli, mould and Cold/Flu viruses are just some of the common bad guys found in the car that may cause an upset gastro stomach or even cold/flu symptoms. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you!

Here are some of the common breeding grounds:

Car Keys


When was the last time you gave your keys a nice dab of cleaning alcohol? Probably, never right? Also note how often your keys are misplaced in random areas, the couch, under a pile of clothes, in your bag and so on, they travel through all sorts of places. Before you know it, you’re starting up the car and it makes contact with your hands, which then your hands make over to the steering wheel, power windows and what not, you get the idea.

Upholstery Carpet, Mats & Seats


How many times have your keys, coins, cards, parking tickets, food crumbs and so on make it’s way through cracks and crevices to be found underneath the chair? Chances are, you’ve never realised your hidden treasure until it was time to clean the car, days, weeks or months after. A rather more obvious reason for bacteria plagued carpets…you can blame your shoes for that. If you are a young parent, unfortunately the news doesn’t get any cleaner especially for your back seats with the little ones in it.

Dashboard, Console, Steering Wheel & Cup Holder


Any part of the car that makes regular contact with your hands is at risk of contamination, so in short, the entire front compartment of your vehicle. Especially your cup holder which many use it to hold their coffee, frozen coke, beverage, fruit and what not, is a big no-no and something you should definitely reconsider.

It’s okay! Here Are Some Cleaning Pointers

Now I hope I haven’t grossed you out to the point of abandoning your car. On the bright side, here are some cleaning tips that you could use to help keep the car germs at bay and away.

Really it all comes down to how often you clean your car and how well of a job you do each time. It doesn’t take a scientist to realise that if you clean it often, the easier the clean becomes each time. However, you might want to consider your clean to be more than just a vacuum, Little Tree deodoriser and a pocket sized bottle of hand sanitiser.

Sanitise Interior Hard Surfaces

Schmicko Sydney Mobile Car Wash Professional Detailers Shampoo

Using cleaning solvents designed for automotive use is a great way of sanitising the hard surfaces that you commonly touch, especially your steering wheel. Spraying cleaning agent on a brush or even a tooth brush, is a nifty approach to cleaning nooks and crannies such as door handles, air vents and dashboard/console area. Be careful not to use any oily substances on your steering wheel and foot pedals as these can create a slippery surface, not ideal. Also keep in mind of the dilution ratios prior to use as some cleaning agents may need to be mixed with water.

Deep Clean/Shampoo Interior Upholstery

Schmicko Sydney Mobile Car Wash Professional Detailers Shampoo

To remove trapped dirt particles embedded in your fabrics, you will need to go beyond your regular vacuum and consider a shampoo. Massaging automotive shampoo in to the fabrics will lift up some of the trapped particles and for the tougher stains, using an upholstery brush (designed specifically for fabric cleaning) may be a better alternative. Use a carpet shampooer/extractor or strong commercial wet vacuum cleaner to draw out as much of the remaining liquid and emulsion, while sanitising the area.

Brush and Vacuum

Schmicko Sydney Mobile Car Wash Professional Detailers Vacuum

Things like bread/biscuit crumbs, pet fur, hair, grass, dirt and sand are some of the stubborn contaminants that will test both your patience and stamina. A regular vacuum will not do the trick, so a tip would be to brush and vacuum at the same time or brush beforehand. Brushing will allow you to dislodge some of the contaminants from the fabrics make it an easier task to vacuum then on after.

How Often Should You Wash The Car?

How regularly you wash the car will depend on a number of factors, although as a rule of thumb, if you regularly drive the car i.e. everyday then you should be looking at doing it fortnightly at least. If your car is your pride and joy and you love to store it indoors in a well kept garage, then you may get away with once every few weeks to a month. On the other hand, if you tend to drive around with kids or furry friends, then a weekly maintenance wash would be recommended.

Don’t Have Time For A Car Interior Clean Or Wash?

Sometimes eating on the go while driving can be convenient and doing the car wash yourself can be a pain and we get that. If you’re finding that you are trying to find excuses to travel to the cafe car wash for a free coffee at the expense of 2 hours or going to the shopping centre for the valet car wash, perhaps Schmicko may be what you are looking for.

Hello Schmicko


For those looking for a convenient on-demand car cleaning solution, Schmicko offers a mobile car wash service for those who just don’t have the time and prefer a professional to do it. The best part about this, the car wash technicians come fully equipped and ready to wow you with an amazing wash, whether it’d be at work, home or the office, we come to you.

Schmicko offer a range of packages and deep clean services perfect for the regular washer to the ‘oops it’s been a while’, including several car interior clean services such as deep upholstery shampoo, leather clean and conditioning, pet fur removal and much more.

All Schmicko packages include interior cleaning at the bare minimum, so be sure to have a look at how Schmicko can help you.

Outside Car Shampoo, Buff and Wax Polish

Thorough Interior Vacuum + Agitation by Hand & Brush

Car Interior Sanitisation of Hard Surfaces eg, Steering Wheel, Dashboard etc.

Deep Upholstery Seats, Mats and Carpet Shampoo and Extraction

Deep Leather Clean and Condition

Car Interior Clean and Detail

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