Ford Territory Roof Lining | Ford Falcon Roof Lining Replacement

Ford Territory Roof Lining | Ford Falcon Roof Lining Replacement

The drooping headliner, a frequent issue seen in many Ford vehicles throughout Australia, isn’t unique to your situation. However, at Schmicko, we can quickly restore the aesthetic appeal of your car with our Ford Roof Lining Repair service.

This unpleasant sight, despite being a common issue for many Ford owners, doesn’t have to be a lifelong eye sore. Even though it’s widespread across Australia, there are methods to tackle and correct this problem, returning the interior of your Ford Territory, Ford Falcon, you name it, to its original splendour. 

Ford Roof Lining Replacement

Ford Territory Roof Lining | Ford Falcon Roof Lining Replacement 1
Ford Territory (Before)
ford territory roof lining replacement cost
Ford Territory (After)

Ford Roof Lining Replacement: The reasons

Let’s face it, some tasks are manageable as a DIY project, but fixing a Ford roof lining is a task that requires expertise and precision, best left with the professionals. For example, the Ford Territory roof lining, which consists of the fabric-covered board, can be extremely fragile at times and breaking this frame will open up a list of further repairs and costs. As for the Ford Falcon roof lining replacement, this is very common across the models that start to approach at least 7 years of age, which can be similar for the Ford Territory roof lining, especially if your car is parked outdoors. 

Common causes for faster sagging across the Ford range, boils down to how exposed to moisture, heat and time, the car has endured. The more exposed, the sooner you will discover the effects and need for repairs.

Fortunately for you, Schmicko is a dedicated provider with a reputable history as industry leading roof lining repairers.

We not only enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle but help insulate against noise and temperature by installing a new Ford roof lining replacement. Here’s why it’s important to use a professional to fix your Ford roof lining:

1. Quality of Work:

Professionals have the necessary training and experience to ensure a high-quality finish. They know how to handle the material properly to avoid wrinkles or sagging after the repair.

2. Proper Tools and Materials:

Professionals have access to the right tools and materials. They know what type of adhesive to use that won’t damage the fabric or the car’s interior.

3. Time and Effort:

Repairing a sagging headliner can be a time-consuming task, especially for someone without experience. A professional can complete the task efficiently, saving you time and effort.

4. Safety:

A sagging or damaged headliner can be a safety hazard, obstructing your view or falling off while driving. Professionals ensure that the headliner is securely fixed, reducing any safety risks.

5. Value for Money:

While hiring a professional may seem costly, it can actually save money in the long run. Improper DIY repairs could lead to further damage, resulting in more costly repairs or even a full replacement

Ford Roof Lining Repair
ford falcon roof lining replacement

Signs of Potential Sagging Before it Happens

1. Visible Sagging or Drooping:

This is the most obvious sign. The fabric may start to hang down, especially around the edges or at the rear of the car forming pockets of air in and between. This will certainly warrant a car roof upholstery replacement as the best method of action. 

2. Loose or Detached Fabric

If the fabric is starting to separate from the backing board, your headliner is in need of repair.

3. Stains or Discolouration:

Water stains or discolouration can be signs of a leak, which can cause the adhesive to fail and the headliner to sag.

4. Rattling Noise: 

If you hear a rattling or flapping noise while driving, it could be a loose headliner.

5. Difficulty in Installing Accessories: 

If you’re having trouble installing accessories like sun visors or overhead lights, there is a fair chance a sagging headliner could be the cause for the difficulty.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to consult a professional to assess and repair your roof lining promptly and this applies to all vehicles from your Ford to your Holden Commodore, we service many makes and models.

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