How To Remove Stains From Your Seats

How To Remove Stains From Your Seats

How to get rid of those disgusting coffee stains from your car seats

No doubt, not all of the seasons and reasons would be enough to keep you from drinking anything in the car, especially your morning coffee. We’re not telling you to ditch the tea or coffee, but rather provide you some effective tips on how you could get rid of these stains. No need to cry over spilt coffee – we’ve got you sorted!


Wake up and coffee they say, until a slip of the fingers and down your coffee goes…on your white shirt and dripping down your car seats – just when you thought coffee and driving was the perfect duo for a productive and efficient morning.


Yes, you could always opt for a mobile car detailing service, but let’s assume you need something right then and now. If this is, was or sound like it could happen to you, listen up.


Firstly stains could be fresh or dried and to makes sure you get the right help in both situations; we are combining the steps for both conundrums below.

For the Wet ones

It would be good to keep a wet wipe handy and using it to blot-dry the stain until it is gone. When the wipe is almost soaked in coffee, just change and get the new wipe and keep continuing the process of blotting off the coffee stain. This would take some sort of minutes or so. Even so, you really don’t know if you’ve done a great job until everything is dried out. Should the stain persist, check out our dry-stain tip below. Avoid using a tissue to blot dry, last thing you want is it to be peppered in loose tissue.

coffee stains

For the Dry Coffee stains

Didn’t have enough time to clean the stain or thought you’d be able to clean it after work, but unfortunately forgot? Well, there’s no doubt that these create more of a nuisance and can be quite difficult to remove! For annoying moments like these, we recommend the following –

  • Wet the area and apply the right detergent

Use water in the primary stage and make the affected area as wet as possible. After soaking the portion properly in water choose and apply the right kind of upholstery shampoo. Make sure you keep massaging the shampoo in to the stain until the lather is formed. Ideally, you would use a light bristle brush for such cases as to avoid any damage to the fabric. It is not necessary that all shampoos form the right kind of lather, as we desire them to do. More importantly, use the right dilution, use too little and you will barely notice much difference, use too much and you could dry out your fabrics and make it even more noticeable. Always read the product label for further instructions on optimal use.


  • The right agitation required

Until the foam is produced keep agitating the stained area with the right kind of brush. The meaning of the right kind of brush is hidden in the way the bristles of the brush are arranged on it. The right kind of brush is helpful in making the work a whole lot easier. There is also a need for greater care to be taken so that the fabric should be intact and hence the soft bristles.


  • Role of water

Not only agitation should be done continuously but to help fabric remain intact, there must be sufficient lubrication ie. water should be continuously sprayed to help lift the coffee stains. This might take some depending on how long the stain has been left unattended for, obviously the longer the stain has been there, the more likely it will be difficult to remove.


  • Dry up the area

After the work is done, there is a need to make sure that the coffee stains are completely gone. This could be achieved using the extraction/shampoo machine.


Also don’t forget to do your windows, sometimes the splash stains the windows when left unattended (commonly forgotten area).


Once the area is dry see if the stain is gone, if not, keep repeating the steps mentioned above until fully satisfied. Alternatively, investing in a car interior detail, is one of the best ways to not only tackle the stain, but rejuvenate your car interior while sanitising it. In order to sustain your clean interior after it has been cleaned via an interior detail, you should really consider our car interior protection service to help fend off spills and stains.

Do yourself a favour and book a premium car wash & detailing service today!

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