Pre-Authorisation Charges

Pre-Authorisation Charges

Noticed a charge on your online banking statement?

If you recently made a booking with Schmicko, then you would have noticed a charge on your online bank statement exactly 1 day prior to your booking. Rest assured and don’t worry, it is completely normal and a part of our verification process. Although this transaction appears as deduction, it is in fact pending and still being held by your bank provider. Depending on your payment provider, you may be able to click on the transaction, which will come up with an ‘authorisation’ or ‘pending’ status. This means that the amount is still being held by your bank and will be released once your service has been completed. Think of it as meeting half way.

This pre-authorisation hold also helps us ensure that we are not dealing with fraudulent credit cards to book our service as well.


What it can look like, on your online banking statement

Pre-Authorisation Charges 1
Pre-Authorisation Charges 2

Pre Authorisation Hold

This is called a pre-authorisation hold, which is to ensure that there are sufficient funds on the card and will be released upon completion of the booking the next day. This is a safety algorithm by our payment processor, Stripe, which conducts a security check for valid cards, fraud alerts and much more. All bookings generated will have a confirmation email sent along with details about this hold.

Is Stripe safe for payment?

A PCI-certified auditor has audited Stripe. We’re a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, we use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security at Stripe.

Stripe Payments is considered safe for many businesses due to its robust security measures. Stripe employs advanced encryption techniques to protect data transmission, reducing the risk of unauthorised access. Furthermore, Stripe offers built-in fraud detection tools and a comprehensive suite of customisable security features, such as two-factor authentication and risk evaluation algorithms, that help businesses prevent and mitigate fraudulent activities. With its strong emphasis on security and data protection, Stripe Payments provides a reliable and secure payment solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Stripe partnerships

Who is Stripe?

“Stripe, Inc. is an Irish-American financial services and software as a service company dual-headquartered in South San Francisco, California, United States and Dublin, Ireland. Stripe is considered one of the best performing payment processors in the world with over 8000 employees and 12 billion USD in Revenue. Similar to Paypal, Stripe allows businesses to accept payments from credit and debit cards and processes those payments.” – Nerd Wallet.

Pre-Authorisation Charges 3

Why do we use Stripe?

Stripe is a powerful alternative to Paypal that offers a robust suite of payment methods between merchants such as Schmicko and their customers. It offers convenience without jeopardising the security of the payment infrastructure. Stripe have a tremendous global team working with many of the top giants in the e-commerce and retail space as shown below, we are in excellent hands.

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