5 Tips for Transporting Your Car to or from Australia

5 Tips for Transporting Your Car to or from Australia

Whether you are considering a vacation abroad, across the seas, relocating or whichever it may be, you may find yourself considering transporting your car abroad. Driving your own car abroad saves you from the hassle of searching for a new car and learning how to drive it. It also allows you to be comfortable with the vehicle you are driving. Shipping a vehicle can be a hassle, but if you approach it with the right knowledge in mind, you won’t run into any problems. 

Whether you are shipping from Australia or to, we’ve got you covered with 5 simple yet, crucial tips to make transporting your car a stress-free and seamless process.


Let’s get started.

5 Simple Tips To Transporting Your Car Abroad, Easy

1. Plan well in advance

To start, you don’t want to wait a week before to consult with a car transportation company, you may be pushing it. This is because there are many delays involved, and you’ll end up having to pay a premium if the move is at a nearby date due to the state of urgency, do not fall for this trap.


Plan for at least a month to arrange all the logistics, like finding a reliable car transportation company.When moving to Australia, this will involve shipping your vehicle on a cargo ship which can often take weeks for the car to arrive.


If you want your vehicle in Australia on a specific date, you can choose to store your car until you arrive. Just like how your delivery parcels have a range of estimated dates of arrival, your delivery dates for your car are usually not specific too because shipping arrival times can vary.

2. Find a reputable car transportation service

Not all car transport companies are created equally. Always go with your gut when choosing to work with the transportation business. If you feel that the deal sounds too good to be true or that the company is not respecting your wishes, consider reading the fine print or terms and conditions. Otherwise, feel free to consider moving on to the next company instead who is transparent.


Always check if the transport service is licensed to operate and has insurance. Many companies are operating illegally and without insurance, so you don’t want to end up in a position where you’re working with a shady company that doesn’t insure your vehicle potentially resulting in a lost car or thousands in damages without any compensation. The last thing you would want, is to be left on your own to cover someone else’s fault and mishaps, protection is key.


Check online reviews, and even give them a call. Check Google and Facebook, and other sites to get an inside look at how real people are being treated during the transport of their vehicles.  Many legit businesses would love your business, so avoid working with any underhanded transport companies that don’t respect the customer.

3. Prepare your car properly

Car Detailing Interior

Make sure to clean the exterior of your car before shipping it. This is so you can document the shape your car was in before shipping. It is crucial to have documented evidence of any damages prior to the transportation to Australia.

Remove any loose items inside the car as well as valuables. Nothing inside the vehicle is going to be insured, so remember to take those with you during shipping. Some companies allow you to keep items in the boot, but ask your carrier if this is allowed.

You’ll also be asked to remove any loose objects outside the car like roof boxes, Jeep wheels, and other accessories. If your truck is lifted, you may need to return it to normal, so it fits inside the trailer.

4. Consider enclosed trailers


Enclosed trailers are the safest way to ship a car. Use enclosed trailers to keep your expensive vehicle hidden during transportation and prevent onlookers from noticing it.

One downside of enclosed trailers vs open trailers is that enclosed trailers cost a bit extra, but may be worth the premium depending on your car’s worth. This is due to the trailer only fitting a maximum of 3 vehicles (some more) comparatively to the 12 that an open trailer can carry.


5. Be patient

When it comes to shipping vehicles to Australia or another country, understand that ships move at a slow rate. This means that you may need to wait up to a month for your vehicle to arrive, always request for ETAs. 


If you need your car as soon as possible, you can look into expedited shipping or even air shipping. Air shipping is costly and can sometimes exceed the price of the vehicle itself, depending on its cost. But of course, choose an option that best suits your budget and needs.


Don’t rush to work with any car transportation service, take your time to find the right company for you. You’ll also be given the advantage of many quotes to negotiate from, so find a few companies that ask for your free quote, and then negotiate down the price by weighing out the pros and cons of each option.


Transporting your vehicle to or from Australia can be easy and hassle-free if you follow these 5 essential tips. Planning well in advance allows you to avoid last-minute stress and high costs, as shipping to Australia can involve considerable time. Vet your car transportation service carefully to ensure they are reputable, licensed, and insured. Online reviews and customer feedback can be valuable resources in making this decision; see what the general public has had to say about the company. Generally if they are able to score at least 4.5 with a large volume of reviews, should be a pretty stable and reliable company to seek.


Preparing your vehicle for transport is crucial – clean it, document its condition, and remove loose items and valuables from the interior. Enclosed trailers are the safest option, especially for high-value vehicles, even though they may come at a slightly higher cost. Finally, patience is key when shipping a vehicle internationally, as ships move at a slower pace. Consider expedited or air shipping if you need your vehicle urgently, though keep in mind the associated costs.


By adhering to these tips and taking your time to make informed choices, you can ensure a successful and stress-free vehicle transport experience to or from Australia. Your car will arrive safely, and you’ll have peace of mind throughout the process.

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