Recommended Tyres For Electric Cars

Recommended Tyres For Electric Cars

Do electric cars use different tyres than those used by combustion engines? What characteristics should be taken into account when choosing a tyre? We solve your doubts.

In the last 50 years, tyres have improved a lot of thanks to new technologies and much more technical manufacturing, especially those created for electric cars such as your popular Tesla, that require specially designed tires due to the characteristics of this type of car that need more than just a tyre.

Since electric cars are heavier than their combustion brothers, it is necessary to favour the additional wear that this entails to maximise autonomy and ensure a good reaction to the acceleration of this type of car, which is much faster and more aggressive.

Electric cars require specialised tyres

Both pure electric EVs and electrified hybrids or plug-in hybrids need tailored tires as they face specific challenges, in addition to the usual ones with regular tyres (cost, durability, wet weather handling, noise, etc.)

Challengs that include:

Durability: They must withstand the additional wear that their greater weight produces on the walls of the tyres, especially in curves.

Weight: They must be more robust, but they must weigh as little as possible so as not to add weight to the vehicle, which is already greater than conventional ones.

Aerodynamic range: very important in electric vehicles, since the resistance must be very low to cut through the air cleanly.

Rolling resistance: It must be very low, so the materials used in the manufacture of this type of tire must be smart and low resistance.

Noise, vibration, and harshness: The refinement in these issues must be very high as electric vehicles are very quiet.

Size: It is very normal in electric vehicles to use thinner and taller tires to reduce resistance in the frontal area.

5 Selected tyres for electric cars

Bridgestone Turanza Eco

A highly awarded tire that as a novelty introduced a label to distinguish it from normal ones. It is a very complete product and is undoubtedly one of the best tires for cars with electric propulsion.

Continental Conti.eContact

It is the tyre that Tesla mounts on all its models, which represents a continuous improvement that will lead to new products shortly.

It has a summer configuration awaiting its new winter and all-weather variants and is positioned for price purposes between the Pirelli, which is somewhat more accessible, and the Michelin, which is much more expensive.

Hankook Ventus S1 eco 3 ev

They are assembled by Volkswagen in its ID.3 and ID.4 models, in addition to the Porsche Taycan, thus positioning this Korean brand as a good specialist in the electric car tyre market, something that is being highlighted given that Hankook is currently the supplier tyre official for Formula E, which also serves as a testing space for the new technologies they are developing.

Michelin Pilot Sport EV

Michelin has demonstrated its great ability to create very special and reliable EV tyres after its 6 years of collaborating with Formula E drivers and teams, as well as being the ones that ride the luxurious electric Lucid Air 2023, which gives these tires a great reputation.

The Pilot Sport EV is the best model that Michelin currently sells in this sector and is specifically dedicated to the luxury/sports segment, so it is not cheap.

Even so, it comes from the Michelin Energy EV that originally equipped the Renault Zoe at the time.

It provides impressive grip and more than acceptable durability, although, as we said, at prices higher than all its competitors.

Pirelli P Zero Elect

It is a very suitable tire for electric SUVs or hatchbacks and was originally chosen by BMW for its iX model.

It is a high-performance tire with competitive prices that guarantee good safety and clear driving enjoyment.

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