The Ultimate Guide To Tesla Ceramic Coating Longevity

The Ultimate Guide To Tesla Ceramic Coating Longevity

Tesla is the world’s biggest car manufacturer when it comes to EV vehicles and it comes at no surprise, with the global giant being spearheaded by none other than the genius himself in Elon Musk. Tesla accounted for more than half of the total EV sales in 2022 across the globe and is showing no signs of slowing down, despite the emergence of contending brands. If you have recently purchased a Tesla model recently, congratulations, but, considering a Tesla ceramic coating should be the first thing you have installed after purchasing car insurance! We too think Tesla produce a fantastic range of vehicles, with its super-futuristic designs and builds. However as well-seasoned car detailing experts, drawing from our experience we do understand that Tesla’s too carry some considerations when it comes to their paintwork. In particular, due to its ‘soft paint’ there are a few things you should take note of in order to get the most out of your Tesla, across the many years to come.

Tesla’s paintwork is extremely soft, meaning they are more prone to scratch easily than other car manufacturers with ‘hard paint’.

Soft Paint

Soft paint is commonly found on newer cars and requires special care. Having a car with soft paint can be favourable in that scratches can be easier to correct, but on the flipside, is relatively delicate and prone to scratches and superficial blemishes.

Here is a white Tesla recently detailed, prior to any paint protection installed.

Tesla Soft Paint
Tesla Soft Paint [White]
Porsche ceramic coating
Porsche Hard Paint

Hard Paint

Hard paint on the other hand generally shows greater durability and resistance to scratches and environmental damage. Although, if your car encounters scratches as such, it is much more difficult to correct and treat the paintwork. There are pros and cons to having hard and soft paintwork.

Here is a recent car paint protection application performed on a Porsche that team Schmicko did. Despite these European cars having ‘hard paint’, it is still recommended to have them protected, considering how expensive it is to address paint scratches and overall maintenance. 

Should I be worried about my Tesla?

Just because your car has soft paint, does not mean it is the end of the world. After all, there is no right or wrong when it comes to hard and soft paint, each do come with their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. In fact, many major Asian car brands like Toyota, Honda, Subaru and so on, typically have soft paint and is not deemed a rarity – view it as a form of personal preference i.e. easy to scratch = easy to fix, hard to scratch = hard to fix.

Fortunately for you, through our practical knowledge we are going to help you make things right with your Tesla. Should you be worried about your paintwork right now? Simply put, yes and no, you could probably get away with driving without a Tesla paint protection and count your lucky stars that it encounters no rain, accidents or scratches. But, who would want to worry about these things whilst driving and/or parked, why not enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your car is well equipped to combat against everyday contamination with a Tesla paint protection? And although waxes and sealants, are excellent options (20 years ago), there are significantly better options out there. Even though waxes and sealants do offer some form of ‘paint protection’, they possess no level of hardness to help your Tesla combat against physical abrasion and heavier chemical contamination. Waxes and sealants are a great short term option to help repel against contamination, but then again, the real benefit comes from the hardness of the Tesla paint protection itself, whether it’d be ceramic or better yet, a graphene coating. 

Our findings show that the best solution to your car’s longevity is by acting first with protective measures; protection over treatment. By the time damage has been done, the cost to respray and recoat your car will set your wallet on fire and let’s not forget about the inconvenience of being left without a car. The aim is to keep your original paintwork in great condition for as long as possible and this would be your best way of achieving this. As we all know, once your original paint is blemished, the cost to fix, let alone respray the car can easily amount to very pricey ranges.


The Tesla Paint Protection Recommended by Experts

We honestly believe that Tesla paint protection in the form of a ceramic or graphene coating should be a mandatory application for brand new Tesla’s and of course, undergo a paint correction prior to the application should it be a secondhand purchase (we will explain more about this later on in this article).

As car detailing experts, we commonly deal with Tesla’s on a regular basis, both new and secondhand. And one thing that is common across all these models that we deal with, is the abundance of micro scratches evident across the paintwork. Yes, even brand-new cars come with imperfections during its delivery process across the sea, road etc and whilst under a car cover that could have been collecting dust underneath creating scratch-producing friction.

Our analysis of investing in a graphene paint protection or Tesla ceramic coating as such, revealed that it is an excellent way to armour up your car without any compromises, in fact, it will look even better. A ceramic or graphene coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect its paint and enhance its colour depth appearance (gloss), for years. Upon curing under heat and time, this layer hardens forms a durable layer of glass-like protection that is resistant to UV rays, chemicals, and scratches. The coating is made of silicon dioxide, which is a natural material found in sand, quartz, and glass – particularly used in the army and industrial products for its protective properties. Furthermore, it creates a hydrophobic surface (just like protective waxes) that repels water and dirt, making it easier to clean and maintain your vehicle on an ongoing basis. 

Ceramic and graphene coatings are arguably one of the greatest innovations to enter the car care market, the secret sauce to keeping your looking brand new for many years. Do not ignore your paint protection and consider a Tesla ceramic coating.

The Ultimate Guide To Tesla Ceramic Coating Longevity 1
duratek labs
Tesla Ceramic Coating
Tesla paint protection

Do You Need a Tesla Ceramic Coating Profesionally Installed?

If you know that you have a Tesla on backorder and arriving in the near future, or do have a Tesla, but be aware that there is no paint protection on there, then feel free to contact our team of car detailing experts at Schmicko. Tesla ceramic coating is a high-quality protective layer that enhances the durability and appearance of a Tesla vehicle’s paintwork, if you are adamant on protecting your soft paint, this is a must do. For your convenience, we do operate as a mobile service and can come to you, given that there is access to power, water and space of course. With over 500 5-Star Google reviews collectively, installing a Tesla ceramic coating is a meticulous and refined process that we take huge pride on performing. As exclusively accredited installers of the Duratek Tesla paint protection range, be prepared to discover an unreal level of gloss and superior protection.

The Ultimate Guide To Tesla Ceramic Coating Longevity 2
The Ultimate Guide To Tesla Ceramic Coating Longevity 3
The Ultimate Guide To Tesla Ceramic Coating Longevity 4
The Ultimate Guide To Tesla Ceramic Coating Longevity 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! Tesla cars, like any other vehicle, can benefit from the application of a ceramic coating or graphene coating, especially if they have what experts classify as “soft paintwork.” Soft paintwork refers to paint that is more prone to scratches and blemishes compared to other types of paint.

It is important to note that while ceramic and graphene coatings can provide significant benefits, they are not a guarantee against all types of damage. They do not make the paintwork completely impervious to scratches or rock chips, but they can certainly minimise the risk and make the car easier to maintain.

In conclusion, considering the potential vulnerability of Tesla cars with soft paintwork, applying a ceramic coating or graphene coating is highly recommended.

Generally cars protected with ceramic coatings or graphene coatings can enjoy the benefits of paint protection for at least 4 to 5 years and longer. Of course, durability will often depend on how well you maintain your car i.e. regular car wash maintenance and so on.

Applying a ceramic coating or graphene coating to a Tesla car provides several key benefits. Firstly, these coatings offer an extra layer of protection against scratches, swirl marks, and other minor imperfections. The coating forms a durable, transparent barrier that shields the paintwork from external elements such as dirt, debris, and UV rays, reducing the risk of damage.

Secondly, a ceramic or graphene coating can enhance the gloss and shine of the car’s paintwork, giving it a more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The coating has hydrophobic properties, meaning it repels water and helps to prevent water spots and mineral deposits from forming on the surface.

Moreover, these coatings typically have excellent durability, providing long-lasting protection for the paintwork. They are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday driving and offer resistance against environmental contaminants, chemical stains, and fading caused by prolonged sun exposure.

Considering that it costs thousands of dollars to just to fix minor issues on the original paintwork, installing a ceramic coating is an absolute no-brainer. Just like car insurance, you do not ever realise the need for it until the bad happens, don’t let this happen to your Tesla.

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