Why Every Car Needs A Dash Cam Installation

Why Every Car Needs A Dash Cam Installation

Have you ever been involved in an accident or some incident on the road? Sometimes, even if you are right, it is difficult to prove it. Proceeding with a dashcam installation has many benefits. The dashcam is mounted on the car’s dashboard, and it records both sounds and images while you drive. It can record in detail all that takes place on the road and even inside the car.

However, car dashcams are not only meant for recording or capturing interesting moments. They can provide evidence too. The recording can help you during a challenging lawsuit and sometimes even capture someone attempting to run away with your car (car theft and burglary attempts).

In Australia, there has been a surge in car accident cases year by year, predominantly due to speeding, distractions and so on. Off the road, we are experiencing staggering figures when it comes to car theft and attempted burglary. No matter how safe or secure you may think your car is, stats and figures indicate that parking your car indoor is just not enough. This just stresses the need for a dash cam installation (BlackVue, Viofo, Thinkware etc) for your car, so that you can have an extra set of eyes on your car all year round, day and night – read more about it below.

What are the advantages of a dashcam installation?

The dashcams can be used by driving instructors, bus and taxi drivers, police officers, and even regular drivers. Here are the most important reasons why drivers should consider installing a dashcam.

First-hand evidence of a car accident

This is probably the main reason why drivers decide to get a dashcam. It can provide real-time and clear proof of any untoward incident. After a crash, it is difficult to prove that you were not at fault after a crash, but if you have video evidence to back up your claim, it is great. It can save you a lot of pain, money, and time in the long run. Just be sure to equip your car with a quality dash cam to ensure that you have clear footage as supporting evidence. No point in installing a dashcam if the video footage is unclear.

Record undisciplined drivers

Every driver has had a bad experience with reckless drivers. These bad drivers can be annoying and can even put other people’s lives on the road in danger. When you notice someone driving recklessly, you can complain about them, but this requires solid proof. If you do not have any eyewitnesses, then there is no case. Dashcams can provide proof against drunk drivers, drivers who text while driving, or reckless drivers. You may witness a car accident take place and your footage could help provide justice to the situation.

For keeping an eye out

Most parents are worried when their children take the car out on their own. You could have allowed them, or they may be doing it behind your back; their safety is important to you. If you own a taxi company, your drivers may show extra miles for personal interest. Some people often lend their cars to friends or sometimes need to drop their car at the garage. Your car is your asset, and it is normal to be concerned about it. The dashcams have an internal GPS device, and along with the recording of happenings, you will also get detailed movements of the car. Your car is ultimately your responsibility no matter who is driving it, how safe is your car?

car accident

Prevents insurance fraud

Insurance fraud is a big problem for both insurance companies and honest car drivers. Some drivers cause an accident on purpose and then blame the other party for extorting money. They may even fake injuries and add to the insurance costs. By having a dashcam recording everything, you can prevent scammers from extorting money. This can be such a dilemma to be in when you are caught right in between dishonest drivers.

Prevent parking accidents when you are away

Parking can be a big problem, especially for beginners. What if you park your car in perfect condition, only to come back and see it scratched or damaged. A well-placed dashcam can record such incidents and help you identify the real culprits. These things mostly happen in public areas or at night when you leave your car for long hours and are not around. For peace of mind, while your car is parked, dashcams are perfect

Capturing special moments & memories

Not everything about dashcams has to be concerning an accident or tragic incident. On the bright side, sometimes your dashcam is able to capture unexpected moments in the car. Everything captured on the dashcams is not for evidential purposes. Apart from that, dashcams can also catch unexpected things and events when you least expect something. Online videos of dashcams are full of such unexpected and unforgettable moments. The dashcam can capture animals crossing, sudden weather changes, or even some paranormal activities. Just one of those moments where you just wished someone was recording, well, the dashcam can definitely be that someone at times.

However, even though having a dash cam installed in your car is very important, there are still some things to consider before getting one:


The cost will totally depend on the features available on the dash cam. But in most cases, it can range between $300 and $750 for a decent unit. How much you really need would depend on your expectations as well as your budget. However, it is key to note that compromises to safety will come at your own cost and risk, more often, the more advanced cameras will come with a premium price, but well worth it.


Of course, getting a dash cam means you need to mount it on a specific area in your car (except for a reverse car camera) (except for a reverse car camera) (except for a reverse car camera). Depending on the model, you can either mount it on the windshield or on the dashboard. This will also depend on how you want your stuff inside your car arranged. For example, if you don’t want to have a cluttered dashboard, then a dash cam mounted on the windshield would work better for you.


As we all know, video recordings take a lot of storage, so choose a dash cam that has more than enough space to store your videos. For newbies, you can go for a type that has approximately 4 GB. But if you want to store recordings taken for several days already, you might want to go for more.

Thankfully, most dash cams today have a feature that allows you to insert a MicroSD card to store more footage. This doesn’t mean that you can just buy without checking the details, though.

Always check the approximate amount of storage that the cam supports. For guidance, it’s recommended to buy a MicroSD card that allows as much as 64 GB storage to make sure you have enough video recordings stored.

compromises to safety will come at your own cost and risk, more often, the more advanced cameras will come with a premium price, but well worth it.


Battery is another factor to consider since this factor comes in two types. There are dash cams that rely on the car’s battery. This means that it’ll automatically turn on when you turn your car on and turn off when your car’s off as well. However, there are also dash cams with a built-in battery. This means that, regardless of whether your vehicle is running or not, you can choose to have your dash cam on or off.

Most cases make this factor irrelevant, though. Several car owners would still want to have their dash cam on since they still want to record everything, especially when their cars are parked in a public area.

Quality of Image


There are those dash cams with so many other great features. To avoid confusion, it’s recommended to opt for a feature that can enhance the quality of the image. Cameras with much higher image quality are truly advantageous when capturing crime scenes and accidents, as they can enable you to see even the smallest details of the incidents. For guidance, here are some specs to check:



Night Vision

Frame Rates

Field of View



The new dashcams have multiple features and uses. Some of them come with audible notifications and will give you real-time notifications. They have high-resolution screens with user-friendly touch technology. These cameras allow you to control your driving experience in the best way. It is a great investment and has easy installation. There are a wide variety of dashcams available in the market. You can choose one according to your needs. There is a dashcam in every price range, depending on the offered features. The choice is in your hands. All drivers and their cars must remain safe while driving or parked. Dashcams are an easy and cheap way to enhance safety, and all drivers must take advantage of this.

For the amount of headache, stress, time and costs a dashcam could save you, it is definitely a no-brainer for any car driver. It is just like insurance, you may not think too much of it at the time, but until you get caught up in a tragic accident or unexpected event, you will be grateful that you made the smart decision in investing in a dashcam installation.

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