Bank Thousands More When It Comes To Selling Your Car

Bank Thousands More When It Comes To Selling Your Car

Car sellers are banking up to an extra 15% on their car's resale value by investing in a Pre-Sale car detail

While everything has a definite expiry date, there are certain tips that you could do to maximise your gains even when it is about to say goodbye! Get the right kind of care, maintenance and interior and exterior car detailing done for your car to help boost your car’s value by thousands of dollars. Besides, investing in your car should be a must do, as it is typically the second most expensive asset you’ll typically own behind your real estate ie house or apartment and so on.

It has been researched that regularly detailing your car can boost the resell value of your car by up to 15% – that’s a lot of money left on the table if you haven’t considered a detail.

What is a pre-sale car detail?

Car detailing is the combination of those processes which would help your car achieve that brand-new look and feel.

The process of car detailing includes the thorough cleaning, washing, polishing and restoration of the motor vehicle from the inside out. Ultimately it strives to make your car look the best it can be prior to selling. We all know that first impressions make a significant difference when it comes to buying and selling vehicles. Buyers will hunt for blemishes, any flaw to reduce the price of your vehicle. Don’t give your buyer reasons to devalue your car with a pre-sale car detail

pre sale car detail

Reasons why you should invest in a pre sale car detail when selling

• Boost the car’s resell value

No doubt people want to have something great as their asset. This is exactly what the process of car detailing can help you get a hold of. The polished car looks no less than the brand new polished car present in the showroom of the window. Especially if your car is applied with some paint protection such a nano ceramic coating, it really does bring out the new car shine and gloss like no other.This is the best way to make sure things which are in better condition get the best recognition outside and an overall better first impression.

Think about it, how many car sale descriptions have you come across where owners claim themselves as

1) First owners
2) Non-smokers
3) Not a pet owner
4) Only drive to and from work

Point is, people are interested in purchasing a car from a responsible and clean driver. Most often as a buyer, you would know very little about the hygiene and driving habits of the existing owner. So what do you do? You judge the car based on first impressions, you look at the engine bay for leaks, check the condition of the tyres, you check the paintwork for scratches, you check the car interior for stains and smells. See the trend here? A crafty and creative car sale description will spark you interest and foot traffic, but what closes the sale is the presentation of your car, does your car back up your description?

• Maintenance: Flawless Finish and Feel

You don’t have to be selling your car to experience the benefits of having a car detail. We understand that every now and then you’d like to spoil yourself or someone with something a little extra, who doesn’t right? Well, most often your car is the second most expensive asset one would have behind their property and chances are, you’d want to keep that in top-notch condition. Considering that you park your car outdoor, drive under both wet, dry, hot and cold climatic conditions, wear and tear can really take its toll on your car. That’s why it’s recommended to have a full detail at least once or twice a year to ensure your car remains in prime condition all year round.

pre sale car detail

• To crack the deal

Your car is in great condition and you are adamant on locking in a well-deserved price. This is all possible if your car’s detailing has been taken care of very well which puts the buyer in the very difficult situation, the one where there is nothing wrong with the car and ultimately, she/he has to pay the quoted price!

Well there you have it folks. Detailing a car is not just a luxury, but a worthy investment for both car owners and car sellers. It is a must have procedure for those looking to maximise their return on their resell value. For just a few hundred dollars, you could bank yourself additional coin within the thousands – a clever way to selling your car. Book a Platinum Pre Sale Car Detail today

Obtain a Pre Purchase Report

pre purchase inspection

Seeking a pre purchase inspection report is not only intended for when you are looking to buy a car. It is also an excellent tool when it comes to selling your car.

Buying obtaining a comprehensive, reputable and detailed report from a qualified mechanic, you are adding credibility to the value you have given your car. You have gone the extra distance to seek professional opinion on the existing condition of your car. For just a small investment, you can expect significant returns on this clever hack that many car sellers are catching on to. Sick of tyre kickers and bargaining in general? Then, get yourself a professional pre purchase report, to put these negotiations at risk.

Do yourself a favour and book a premium car wash & detailing service today!

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