How Often Should You Wash The Car?

How Often Should You Wash The Car?

Car washing is surely not at all an enjoyable task to do at times, especially when you have a million and one things to check off your to-do list. Firstly, cars can be of various sizes and depending on various factors, the entire procedure can be a very time taking procedure. Therefore, one needs to be aware of certain facts that would help to wash the car in a quick, yet effective way.

On average, the typical Australian washes their car close to 12 times a year – that is equivalent to once every month. But, is this really enough? Let’s dive into this number so you can better understand this as not all cars are considered equal since there are so many factors to determine the ‘ideal number’. As car care experts, allow us to dissect this topic and provide you with our recommended frequency below. 

Although there are drive-thru automatic car wash units that primarily serve to wash the entire body but sometimes they can be quite risky to use. For starters, we have no idea as to whether the previous driver had a heavily soiled car or not. Furthermore, if the previous car was heavily soiled, chances are, the car wash brushes may be in need for a replacement/clean. Failing to do so can be a costly mistake for your vehicle.

For a daily affair, one can get the car washed at home, given that you have the right tools, shampoos and of course time. If you are one of the few that have invested in paint protection, also known as ceramic coating, washing the car you will find is a whole last easier and faster. For more information on ceramic coating and why people invest thousands of dollars in this paint protection technology, you can just click here.

But before you dive in to having your car washed, perhaps it is better to understand what factors influence how often you should have it washed – Let’s see below:

The Driving Environment

car highway
Some areas where the car needs to be driven can be dirty and clustered with pollution. In that case, the car also gets dirty very quickly. From the windshields to the tyres, everything needs to be cleaned thoroughly, especially in industrial areas where there are many trucks around.

How Often You Drive

Driving too often as well can cause the need to have your car cleaned more often. Not driving frequently or just going out once a week will of course require your car to be washed a lot less than a frequent driver.

Where You Park

Not all parking spaces are super clean. While some areas might have a parking lot, many might not have one at all. In such a situation, the car needs to be parked by the road side where the vehicle might get dirty too fast. If you are one who tends to park underneath trees, you should be extremely cautious of bird droppings and tree sap landing on your car. Leave it unattended and it’ll be a permanent problem, a very costly one indeed. If you ever spot bird droppings on your front window whilst driving, perhaps that’s a good sign to check the rest of your car for scattered droppings. The last thing you’d want to do in this situation is to smear the droppings across your windscreen with the windshield wipers, so please do consider cleaning it properly. For those who reside in Melbourne, who are subjected to all 4 seasons throughout the day may have to consider washing their car or requiring a mobile car detailing Melbourne service more often. Rain, as some call as ‘nature’s shower’ is more harmful than it appears considering that once the rain evaporates from Sun exposure, it leaves behind dirt and dust particles. Ever noticed, some stubborn water marks on your car that you just could not quite clean off? For example, when wet it disappears but even after wiping it magically, yet annoyingly reappears? That my friends, is what you call water spotting or water etching. 

Who You Travel With

When pets are travelling inside the car, the interiors get absolutely filled with dog fur and who knows what else. This makes the car interior not so pleasant, unhygienic and in some instances unsafe for your passengers. Same applies to traveling with kids, especially those that love to eat in the car, chances are, you’d probably have crumbs and loose food scraps stuck in crevices. This can cause bacteria build up and eventually unpleasant odours and smells.

dog inside a car

What Activities You Participate In

car wash for road trip
Individuals hitting the gym or regularly participating in exercise can make the car dirty as well due to the sweat accumulation that is literally absorbed by the seats. Or on the flipside, you regularly take advantage of your weekends for road trips. In such a situation, proper mobile car cleaning is required to ensure that the car remains fresh throughout – bug guts on the front grill, sweat soaking into the seats – you understand our point.

What's Our Recommendation?

What are the frequent recommendations for car cleaning?

When considering cleaning the car, it must be done at least once a fortnight to once a month at the most. This is because you really do not want to risk contaminants being left unattended to bake on your car surface. Especially if you are parked outdoors, washing once a fortnight would be more ideal

What are the benefits of a mobile car wash service?

When looking for a professional car wash near me, one can primarily check in the various services that are available and the amount of time it takes to clean the car. The greatest advantage of a mobile car cleaning service is that one can get the whole car cleaned professionally and the entire experience makes the car squeaky clean. Schmicko car wash ensures the fact that no customer is left unsatisfied after the car wash has been done and looking schmick. Even if your car has a form of paint protection like a ceramic coating, will still require regular maintenance, no car is safe from the harsh environment.. Even if your car has a form of paint protection like a ceramic coating, will still require regular maintenance, no car is safe from the harsh environment.. Even if your car has a form of paint protection like a ceramic coating, will still require regular maintenance, no car is safe from the harsh environment.. 

Should you be a consistent cleaner and regularly wash the car, you should still consider car detailing once or twice a year to maintain its condition and reduce wear and tear. You can even learn a car detailing course online if you want to know the basics. Think of washing the car as brushing your teeth and car detailing as your dental clean and check up.

Do yourself a favour and book a premium car wash & detailing service today!

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