How To Avoid Car Breakdowns

How To Avoid Car Breakdowns

Do you want to avoid car breakdowns? We show you some driving and maintenance tips that can help you to make your car last a long time in the best conditions. With them, you will avoid more than one visit to the workshop to solve a serious fault.

Mechanical breakdowns can be a big outlay of money. Sometimes these cannot be avoided, but in many others, they are the cause of improper driving or a lack of inspection and maintenance. If you want your car to last longer, we will tell you how to avoid car breakdowns.

Practices to avoid breakdowns in the car

Periodic Inspections

Car inspections are essential. These will allow you to check the status of your vehicle and carry out small periodic repairs that can prevent serious breakdowns. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to find out how frequently you should perform them and whether you are a due for a minor or major service. Not every car service is the same, always check the manual.

Perform regular maintenance

Battery – Newer batteries are not as demanding as they used to be, but do have a recommended lifespan. If it’s been more than three years since you changed your car battery, sooner rather than later you’ll need a new one. Write down the dates on which you release the battery to carry out timely control, look at its manufacturing date and if you have any doubts, ask the workshop about the state of your battery. If in the end everything fails and you end up in the ditch during your family road trip, it is essential to have Car Insurance and its travel assistance service.

Fluids: Oil,  coolant, and windshield washer fluid are the basic fluids used by vehicles. It is necessary to check its level and if it is low, fill it properly and always according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Checking liquids is recommended to do it monthly and always before making a long-distance trip.

Filters – A worn or dirty filter is not a big mechanical problem, it is easily fixed and on a very small budget. However, if it is not detected in time and intervened, the problem can become more serious and affect key parts of your engine, which are more expensive and difficult to repair.

Tyres: The pressure and condition of the rubber are the two indicators to check on the wheels of any vehicle. The appropriate pressure for each wheel should be consulted in your car manual and checked every two weeks -recommended- with a professional manometer in good condition and professional that will indicate if it is necessary to insufflate or drain air from your wheels to have the recommended pressure. Visually inspect the condition of the wheel: wear, colour, and pattern.

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Don't force the engine

To avoid breakdowns before starting the march, it is convenient that you wait a few seconds (30 or 40) for the oil to lubricate all the elements of the engine. After that, drive smoothly until it reaches 90 degrees. With this, you will be able to avoid inadequate lubrication that can cause excessive oil consumption, engine seizure, or even turbo failure.

Take care of the clutch

Do not rest your foot on the pedal while you are driving.

Depress the pedal fully to change gears.

Do not release the clutch abruptly or too quickly.

Use neutral when you are stopped.

Pay attention to the turbo

Turbo failure can be very expensive so it is worth keeping an eye on this item and having it properly lubricated and cooled. The best options to take care of the turbo are:

Perform oil changes when necessary.

Wait for the engine to warm up before starting the march (30 or 40 seconds).

Let the turbo cool down before stopping the engine.

Keep the car clean!

Having a clean car can save you from repainting/recoating your car, especially if it has been subjected to bird droppings. The components it includes can damage the paint, making the mark remain there forever. The best option is to remove these remains as soon as possible and keep the bodywork clean.

It is all about consistency. Consistently keeping your car in check from the paintwork to underneath the hood. These are some of the underrated tips that are often overlooked when it comes to avoiding car breakdowns.

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