How To Wash A Car – 4 Key Things You Need To Know

How To Wash A Car – 4 Key Things You Need To Know

Before you dive in to ‘How To Wash A Car Guides’ here are some pointers that you should take note of. A nice sunny day is what many would deem a great time to wash the car, but is actually not so ideal. In fact, a cool cloudy day with minimal wind is what you would consider as perfect conditions. Simply put, washing the car in cool calm conditions just makes car care services the car a whole lot easier, quicker and well cleaner.

Here are some tips on ‘how to wash a car’ 

1) Never wash under direct sunlight


how to wash a car
Especially on hotter days, the last thing you want is for the shampoo you’ve just applied lavishly, to dry. Failing to clean the dried shampoo well enough, will defeat the purpose of the entire wash as using products such as waxes will have a lesser effect. If you can, try to wash the car in a shady area or choose a cooler time of the day to wash, such as early mornings or later in the afternoon.

2) Do not wash the car while the surface is still hot

Like the reasons above, washing the car while the surface is still hot can cause the shampoo to dry at a quicker rate in comparison to a cooler surface. You don’t want shampoo to bake on to your surface, that’s an extra chore you don’t want to worry about.

3) Try to avoid washing the car on windy days

how to wash a car
Cleaning the car on a windy day can drag the procedure even further, what you’ll get is flying dust particles and other environmental contaminants getting blown back on to the surface. Being careless about this can be both a timely and expensive mistake. If not taken seriously, it’s almost like cleaning the car with sandpaper with all the etched-on particles. Cleaning this contaminated surface can lead to a barrage of scratch marks, which will need a proper polish/paint correction to be done.

4) Always wash the vehicle panel by panel

Washing panel by panel and regularly rinsing the car helps to remove excess shampoo and dust particles by lubricating the surface and giving very little time for the shampoo to dry.

How to wash a car if it is hot/sunny/windy?

Glad you asked, what you need to do is just take greater caution during the process. Even though it can add more time to the cleaning process, you can still get tremendous results. Just remember to rinse more frequently to avoid any drying of cleaning agents and remembering to close the doors/windows as sometimes dust, dirt, leaves and etc can get blown right back in – it happens.

All good things take time…

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